I was invited by Jean-Pierre Hébert to take part in the SciArt 2012 group show "Mysterious", alongside himself, Tatiana Ginsberg, Vera Molnar, and Ethan Turpin, with a panel discussion on opening night led by Peter Frank.

The exhibition is hosted by the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB, where Jean-Pierre is artist-in-residence. Over the years, he has organized many such shows there, in the lovely second-floor gallery, giving artists and scientists a good occasion to come together.

I showed my piece: A Tree Vibrates (2012). Here is a post on that piece.

As my first art show, this was a special event for me. Thank you Jean-Pierre and KITP for inviting me to take part 🙂

Here's the official event page , and below is linked a nice article on the event by Charles Donelan.

The Santa Barbara Independent, SciArt 2012 Mysterious
(December 4th, 2012)