Eight Rod Ring

Hang this sculpture on the door. I think it makes a great wreath. It may even symbolize the cyclical nature of life.

The rods brace outwards against the inward pull of the twine. They balance each other out.

This makes it a Tensegrity. You can read more about theory and techniques here.

It is of a class of Tensegrity structures known as prisms – in this case, an octagonal prism. Each base is an octagon and the walls of the prism are twisted about its axis. The rods make up a hyperboloid, a mathematical surface made from straight lines revolved around a separate axis, same shape as commonly used for cooling towers.

Each element relies on its neighbors and the circularity of the arrangement to remain stable. Kind of like a lap circle, a team-building exercise where a group of people form a ring each sitting on the lap of the next. Unlike a lap circle though, this structure stays up independent of gravity.

I like how it looks simple and complex at the same time, like the world inside and outside your door.

Wreath of eight rods (2007)
Poplar dowel rod, twisted nylon masonry twine. 12" x 12" x 6"