Tensegrity Explained

Floating compression, also known as tensegrity, is structural magic.

You have struts and tendons, tied together in such a way that they hold each other up. The struts undergo compression and the tendons undergo tension. In other words, you have sticks which push and strings which pull. Also, you get bonus points if you build a structure such that none of the sticks or strings are touching each other, the parts should be suspended in space. It should hold itself up by itself.

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Eight level dowel tower

This sculpture is perplexing.

It is stiff without being rigid, and it has weight without being heavy, it has depth while appearing flat (if you squint).

Each unit is a repeated module, like from a stamp, or from a brick wall. Each new layer is offset from the previous.

The whole thing is uniquely bouncy and springy and jiggly. In your hands, it is wild and alive. Maybe it can be compared to a molecule.

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Bubble with ninety sticks

Who knew you could make a bubble with sticks and string?

Bubbles, (imagine a typical soap film bubble) are round and hollow, a membrane enclosing a pocket of air. Sticks are thin and straight and solid. And strings are filaments, not membranes. But with the magic of tensegrity, these two elements, combined, can take on surprisingly bubble-like properties.

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