Make A Ripple

This sculpture follows a simple rule: every element can affect its neighbors.

And in turn, those neighbors can effect their neighbors. And of course every element can also be affected by its neighbors. And so on. The result is that a movement which starts in one place will spread outward to other places.

Make a Ripple (2017)
96" x 60" x 10"
Spruce, oak, and birch
Machine screws, carbon steel rods, spring wire
Acrylic and enamel paints

Commissioned for Ripple Foods of Berkeley, CA

There are sixty rods that can each pivot and move around. They are each supported by a two-dimensional lattice, and their mounts allow them to swivel thanks to a kind of universal joint. Each rod is connected to its neighbors with a set of handmade springs. The springs unite the rods, serving as a common basis for interaction. It is the network of springs which serves as the medium that can transmit a movement and allow it to propagate outward as a wave. In this way, the whole arrangement is a manifestation of the ripple effect.


The making of:

To see how it was designed and built, take a look at this multi-part video series. There are 11 parts, and each part is approximately 10 minutes long. I take you through the project from start to finish, from initial brainstorming, to mounting it on the wall with my signature and a handsome plaque.