30" x 20"
Unique (edition of 1)
Archival pigment print
Conservation grade frame package
Frame handmade with reclaimed maple
Printed and mounted and framed by the artist
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This is a print which captures the motion of a calm section of the Tuolumne river in Yosemite. A few bubble clusters and a dusting of forest debris make their way across the surface.

Notice how the changing view of the river bottom (thanks to the wiggling refraction properties of the water) leads to an attractive stippled look that may remind you of an impressionist painting. The bright points of color shift and wiggle around within a certain radius of their averaged centerpoint. Yet these average zones are not entirely smooth (as they would appear with a single long exposure photograph, say). But thanks to the discrete frame-by-frame nature of the video capture, you get something more like a scatterplot, or a stippled effect. From a certain standpoint the whole universe is wiggly and all we've got are averages.

Here are two videos which demonstrate how the work is created. This first one is the original – before any algorithmic processing.

Because the video is captured on a sturdy tripod, you can see how the background remains stable and the only motion that comes through is that of the moving subjects.

This second video is a visualization of the blending algorithm which reveals the motion of the bubbles and bits of forest detritus. You can see how crisp tracks will develop as these natural tracers move along their complex trajectories. The algorithm also has a particularly alluring effect on the water itself – as if it was taken out of time, or in a state of suspension.

The final art image is created from the full accumulation of these blends.

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