Plate Map Generator

Plate Map Generator

Add your experimental parameters to generate a map for a 96-well plate.


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Total wells used
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Plate Map Generator

This is a programming project I did for friend of mine who works as a scientist.

It's a GUI tool which lets you take experimental parameters and generate a plate map in spreadsheet format. It's designed for scientists like her who use 96-well microplates and do research by testing multiple factors across the wells of a plate.

It's built with pure Javascript, which I take satisfaction in.


For sciences such as chemistry or biology, it's common to use a standard type of labware, called a microplate, for conducting experiments with liquids. The plates are like a tray with an array of small wells, approximately 1 milliliter in volume. The wells are used like tiny test-tubes, and in a given test tube a small scale experiment can be performed.

Because there are lots of these tiny test tubes packaged together, experimentors can test lots of parameters at lots of different levels all at once. It's common to involve automation techniques and tools, such as liquid handling robots which can designed to operate with microplates. This tool is designed for users of one common plate format which has 96 wells in an 8x12 arrangement.

You can view the code for this tool here.